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Created on: 11 Oct 2023 05:58
Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Bug Report
we are facing problems when compiling our application on IOS with the following error code
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error clang++ exited with code 1:
ld: in /Users/jaajitech/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/inSisMobileApp/a3a8ad44c41ca6a9c305417349b408b3294f1a61364d707faf7d6c17f11ad8b5/obj/Debug/net7.0-ios/iossimulator-arm64/linker-cache/TelerikUI.a(TKChartAnnotation.o), building for iOS Simulator, but linking in object file built for iOS, file '/Users/jaajitech/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/inSisMobileApp/a3a8ad44c41ca6a9c305417349b408b3294f1a61364d707faf7d6c17f11ad8b5/obj/Debug/net7.0-ios/iossimulator-arm64/linker-cache/TelerikUI.a'
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) inSisMobileApp C:\Program Files\dotnet\packs\Microsoft.iOS.Sdk\16.4.7107\targets\Xamarin.Shared.Sdk.targets 1272


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Posted on: 11 Oct 2023 06:11


This is a knows issue and we have it logged here: https://feedback.telerik.com/maui/1622695-clang-exited-with-code-1-error-in-telerikui-a-when-building-for-ios-arm64-simulator I changed this item status to Duplicated. 

There is a workaround in the original reported issue.

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