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Created on: 29 Aug 2023 00:32
Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Feature Request
AutoComplete: Have always the SuggestionView open when the control is focused

Currently the SuggestionView does not stay open all the time

I can get it to open on focus by running this code and attaching it to the Focused event

    Focused += SupporterAutoCompleteSearchBar_Focused;

    private void SupporterAutoCompleteSearchBar_Focused(object sender, FocusEventArgs e)
 but if I type in the search bar, like a letter "a", and then backspace to get rid of it so I'm left with an empty string, the SuggestionView disappears. The SuggestionView also disappears if I assign a new list, such as through the Remote Search feature in the documentation while the search text is an empty string. I have gotten around these two issues by adding a dispatcher that will call ShowSuggestions(); after 100 milliseconds but I get this flicker effect where the SuggestionView disappears and then comes back again. It's very jarring.

I have looked in the decompiled RadAutoComplete class in visual studio and it looks like the code is set up so the SuggestionView disappears when the Text is null or empty. I would like a bindableproperty for this control that always keeps the SuggestionView open or a workaround that doesn't cause the SuggestionView to disappear in the above circumstances
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Posted on: 27 Sep 2023 14:20
I've tried the ComboBox control and have found serveral issues with it that are stopping production for me. I have logged these issues with Telerik in the feedback portal. It's because of these issues that I have switched to an AutoComplete and it works perfectly minus this issue
Posted on: 04 Sep 2023 11:07

Hello Scott,

I reviewed the case, and your logged feature request is valid. I approved it and changed the item's status to "Unplanned". You will be updated by email when the item status is changed. For now, I can suggest checking our ComboBox control. The control has an OpenOnFocus property. It specifies whether the dropdown will show as soon as the control is focused. The property is usable when the control is in edit mode. You can find additional information in our documentation article here: .NET MAUI ComboBox Edit Mode & Search.

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