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Created on: 28 Feb 2023 22:09
Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Feature Request
Introduce EntityFrameworkCoreDataSource to .NET MAUI

Hi Team,

I would like to be able to have client-side filtering/sorting/grouping capabilities for large backend datasets that cannot be entirely loaded on the client.

As it stands now, the DataGrid (and other data components) can only operate on the data that is has in the local DataView. This means that I need to build a custom filtering solution that prefilters/presorts the backend data before paging and loading it into the DataGrid.

To accomplish the "full view", we need a data layer that understands both the UI as well as the backend. The Telerik UI for WPF product has an excellent solution for this, known as the WPF EntityFrameworkCoreDataSource - Overview - Telerik UI for WPF and the WPF DataServiceDataSource - Overview - Telerik UI for WPF.

If such a feature can be added to Telerik UI for MAUI, it would be an excellent bonus for the component suite in data heavy applications.

Thank you,



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Posted on: 02 Jul 2024 21:12