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Release 5.1.0
Created on: 09 Dec 2022 18:52
Category: DataGrid
Type: Bug Report
DataGrid: Column header text is offset by char descenders, causing misaligned

Hi Team,

Please refer to the following screenshot from the ControlsSamples project on Windows:

Notice the descender on the y character is pushing up the Delivery column header's Label container, but the Price text is flush with the bottom? This is causing misalignment between text in other column headers that do not have descenders.

You might not immediately notice this, for example in the Aggregates demo, only the first column has no descenders but the next two do. 


However, it's a more serious visual problem when every other column is vertically offset. Please consider adding a default Padding to account for descenders, or maybe change the VerticalOptions of the text container to be center aligned.

Thank you,

Matthew & Team

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Posted on: 12 Dec 2022 10:41

Hello Matthew, 

I have updated the status to Unplanned. Use the workarounds my colleague Lance suggested here: 

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