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Created on: 05 Apr 2022 20:08
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RadAutoComplete MAUI


We are looking to port an existing Xamarin Forms app to MAUI. Can you please confirm that the RadAutoComplete control will be available? e.g.


       <telerikInput:RadAutoComplete />


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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Posted on: 05 Apr 2022 20:27

Hi Ben,

We do not have a publicly available roadmap at this time during preview phase, so I cannot give you an official public answer. You can bookmark this for future use

In the meantime, what I can say, is that we are working really hard to get all the Xamarin.Forms Controls over. At least as compatibility shims... but hopefully as many as possible as native MAUI handlers. The AutoCompleteView is a popular component and we also want it to be available for v 1.0.0.


Side Note

The AutoComplete is a deprecated component, the AutoCompleteView replaced it a couple years ago. It has more functionality and features, you can see more about in the red note at the top of this page So there will be no port of the deprecated component, but we will bring over the newer AutoCompleteView. From your perspective, this really doesn't mean anything and you'll get the functionality you need regardless.

Lance | Manager Technical Support
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