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Created on: 29 Mar 2022 14:47
Category: Entry
Type: Bug Report
Placeholder Position

The Placeholder position is not in sync with the Entry's Text, it is always top-left aligned.

Here's a quick screenshot of what happens when the RadEntry is larger than the default.

This has the side effect of not being aligned with the Text.

Suggested Solution

There are several ways I can think of to approach this, but I think the easiest way would be to just bind the top level control's VerticalTextAlignment property value on the internal Label being used for the Placeholder

<telerik:RadEntry Placeholder="Name"

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Posted on: 01 Mar 2023 16:59

Hi Daniel,

The issue was logged when .NET MAUI and Telerik were in a preview stage. 

Now when I tested with latest version of Telerik UI for .NET MAUI the issue cannot be reproduced.

I changed the status to Completed. 

Progress Telerik

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