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Created on: 15 Jul 2021 08:25
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Sample Projects

When you release your MAUI components, can you please provide well designed working sample projects so that your customers can get started quickly.

These projects should be fully working Line of Business (LoB) apps which is your target market i.e. customers like me.

These samples should connect to ReST Web API's (as is the case with all my KendoUI projects), with a login screen, and then desktop, tablet and mobile 'personalities' with navigation bar, hamburger side menu, caption, search, account drop down, CRUD etc... i.e. all the things modern apps have these days.

You should also produce a 'kitchen sink' app which demonstrates the use of every component in a simple 'app' without use of overly complex code which could confuse or intimidate your customers.

Remember, you are the experts, not your customers, else we would not be buying your products, we'd build our own. Help us to build cool products with your components.

If you have read the famous 'mythical man month', Brookes recommends buying components, especially big ones, the bigger the better. He means buying fully scaffolded, working, documented, easy to understand, application source code e.g. LoB projects which you are best placed to construct for our benefit. Progress has many excellent tech evangelists, I have watched their presentations, and I'd like to see these people involved in constructing these LoB sample apps, as their video presentation skills will also benefit your customers in understanding best practice for building LoB apps.

I hope this helps?


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Posted on: 06 Jul 2022 10:56

Hello all

Telerik .NET MAUI suite provides demo applications using the Telerik .NET MAUI controls. 

Controls Sample App - highly polished demo application with scenario-specific use cases designed to show off a subset of features for each component. 

SDK Browser app - includes a set of examples that explain how to use the features of a control

Crypto Tracker app - a real-case crypto application that shows changes in cryptocurrency prices. 

Progress Telerik

Lance | Senior Manager Technical Support
Posted on: 15 Jul 2021 14:22

Hi Garry,

Thank you for the suggestion. The UI for MAUI components are still very early preview, and .NET 6 is not even released yet. During a preview, we will release SDK Browser demos alongside each release to demonstrate how to use the components. However, we do not produce full LoB demos until after the official releases of the framework and component suites.

Use Existing LoB Demo Apps

That said, you can still use our four existing Xamarin.Forms Professional LoB Sample Applications: CRM, ERP, ToDo and TagIt. Find their descriptions, links to source code and App Store install links here Xamarin Demos and Sample Apps | Telerik UI for Xamarin.

The code will nearly be identical because the REST API, and all other supporting code will be 100% identical for a MAUI implementation. and the UI component code should be between 90-100% identical.

The only struggle you might have in the very beginning is the number of available MAUI components on day one. We will be providing as many truly native MAUI components as possible, while for the rest we'll be using MAUI CompatibilityShims so you can use the remaining Xamarin.Forms controls. As .NET 6 is released and further, we're dedicated to migrating more components to MAUI and building new ones.

Again, thank you for the recommendation. Trust that we take building LoB examples as a high priority and will ensure that the MAUI controls will eventually have equivalents available as you see now for Xamarin.Forms.

Lance | Manager Technical Support
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