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Created on: 02 May 2024 12:58
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
The InLine editable row is not closing when adding a new record

### Bug report

When removing a data item through the DataSource remove() method, and then trying to add a new record in the Grid, the editable row does not close when clicking the "Save" command. The Grid is set up for InLine editing. 

### Reproduction of the problem

1) Create an InLine editable Grid that binds to local data.

2) Add a custom column command that removes the respective data item by using the remove() method of the DataSource.

3) Delete a specified Grid record through the custom command.

4) Add a new record and click the built-in "Save" command.

5) The row remains in edit mode.

A Dojo sample for reproduction: https://dojo.telerik.com/IQIDuGOt

The last working version is 2024.1.130

### Expected/desired behavior

The editable row must close when clicking "Save" or "Cancel".

### Workaround

Use the Grid removeRow() method rather than the DataSource remove() method.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version: 2024.1.319
* **jQuery version: 3.7.0
* **Browser: [all]