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Release R1.2024-Increment.2(31.Jan.2024)
Created on: 13 Sep 2023 15:17
Category: DateTimePickers
Type: Bug Report
Editable mask in the DateTimePicker

Bug report

The AM/PM mask of the DataTimePicker is editable.

The behavior might be related to the introduction of the common DateInput package in the DatePickers.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Run the DateTimePicker Demo
  2. Select a date in the DateTimePicker
  3. Select and delete the AM mask of the selected value

Current behavior

The AM mask gets deleted and is replaced by the default AM/PM

Expected/desired behavior

The AM mask should be non-editable as it isn't part of the value of the Widget.


  • Kendo UI version: 2023.2.802
  • Browser: [all]