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Created on: 21 Jun 2023 10:02
Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Feature Request
ASP.NET Core - Slider - Accessibility alerts - "Redundant title text"

Running WAVE on websites that use the Slider throw up a load of alerts to do with "Redundant title text" and "Unlabeled form control with title".

You can see examples of this on any demo page such as the Basic Usage one.

Can you please remove the offending attributes - or come up with values that don't throw these issues up? I'm not sure if they're in place to work with ToolTips, but if we elect not to support ToolTips (which is default behaviour) then they are effectively redundant.

I don't want to have to do this myself in script because it is an unnecessary overhead and may cause downstream issues in your code.

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Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
Posted on: 26 Jun 2023 15:37

Hello Paul,

Thank you for reaching out regarding the specific alert from WAVE. 

In an effort to improve accessibility across our components including the Kendo UI Slider, I have transformed this forum post to a feature request on our public feedback portal.  Additionally, I have added a vote our your behalf to increase popularity and have sent this to our developers for consideration.  Please feel free to comment/detail further within this thread if you would like to include any additional information.  

Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
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