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Release R1.2024-Increment.2(31.Jan.2024)
Created on: 23 May 2023 09:18
Category: Gantt
Type: Bug Report
Gantt with a custom editor template does not trigger an Update request

### Bug report

When the Gantt has a custom editor template, the Update request is not fired. When using the default editor template, the respective task is updated correctly. 

The last version, where this scenario works as expected, is 2023.1.117.

### Reproduction of the problem

1) Define an editable Gantt that binds to remote data.

2) Set up a custom editor by using the editable.template option.

3) Try to edit a Task in the Gantt timeline table. The editable model is marked as "dirty", but the "save" event does not fire and the Update request does not trigger:

However, when using the default Gantt editor, the request triggers as expected. 

A Dojo sample for reproduction:

### Expected/desired behavior

The tasks should be edited correctly when using a custom editor template.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version: 2023.1.314
* **jQuery version: 3.4.1
* **Browser: [all]