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Release R2.2023-Increment.1(15.Mar.2023)
Created on: 25 Jan 2023 19:59
Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Bug Report
Footer Attribute in Date[Time]Picker TagHelper is ignored

The 'footer' attribute in the TagHelpers for both the DatePicker and DateTimePicker does not result in any corresponding markup / Javascript configuration on the page created by the view.


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Posted on: 01 Feb 2023 09:56

Hi Livia,

Thank you for reaching out. Upon investigation I can confirm that the observed is indeed a Bug on our end. 

Until the issue is fixed I can suggest using the HTML Helper configuration of Kendo UI initialization:

              .Footer("Today is #=kendo.toString(data, 'd') #")

Finally, I have updated your Telerik points for notifying us on the issue and helping us improve our product.

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