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Created on: 05 Aug 2022 14:07
Category: TreeList
Type: Bug Report
The InLine editing of the TreeList does not work when the Drag-and-Drop feature is enabled

### Bug report

When the Drag-and-Drop functionality is enabled, the Update operation is not triggered when editing an existing item.

### Reproduction of the problem

1) Create an InLine editable TreeList;

2) Enable the dragging and dropping of the rows;

3) Edit an existing record and click the "Update" command. If you click at the span element "k-button-text", the Update request does not trigger. If you click outside of this element, the request triggers as expected.

A Dojo sample for reproduction:

### Expected/desired behavior

The "InLine" editing should work when the "move" option is enabled.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version: 2022.2.802
* **jQuery version: 1.12.4
* **Browser: [all]