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Created on: 11 Jun 2021 08:39
Category: ImageEditor
Type: Bug Report
ImageEditor's canvas overflows its container when the Toolbars wraps on a 2nd row with Core wrappers

Bug report

When the ImageEditor is resized and the Toolbar wraps on 2 rows the canvas of the Component overflows its container.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Add the following code to a Telerik UI for ASP .NET Core project:
<div class="demo-section k-content">
        .SaveAs(s => s.FileName("image_edited.png"))
        .ImageUrl(@Url.Content("~/images/latest-available version.png"))
<div class="mt-5 card">  <div class="card-body">48px margin above</div></div>
  1. Resize the window until the Toolbar of the ImageEditor wraps on 2 rows.

Current behavior

The margin between the ImageEditor and the following div disappears as the ImageEditor overflows its container

Expected/desired behavior

The ImageEditor's should fit in its div container


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.2.511
  • **Telerik UI for ASP .NET Core
  • Browser: [all]