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Created on: 11 Feb 2021 10:34
Category: Scheduler
Type: Bug Report
Scheduler edit a new created event twice without refreshing the page

Dear Telerik Team

I have recently found a bug in the core Scheduler.


 What I did (using this demo):

1. Created a daily event

2. Edited the second event (the current occurrence) and saved it

3. Tried to edit the second event again

The problem is now that the popup if I want to edit the current occurrence or series still showed up but it should not.

We had the same problem also on our core application.


Best Regards


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Posted on: 18 Feb 2021 09:54

Hello, Jan,

The behavior you described is expected. When you edit a event that is part of recurring series, that event continues to be a part of the series, but as a recurrence exception. You will see that when you originally create the repeating event, the recurrenceException field is null. When you edit an occurrence, that field will be updated with the date of the edited event. 

I hope that clears the matter. Let me know if you have any questions.

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