Last Updated: 09 Feb 2021 15:26 by Robert Madrian
Robert Madrian
Created on: 02 Feb 2021 16:17
Category: UI for ASP.NET Core
Type: Feature Request
Full Boostrap 4 Flex Layout compatibility

especially for Grid, Tabstrip, Charts...

so autosize is standard without javascript

Robert Madrian
Posted on: 09 Feb 2021 15:26



  1. it should be the current width of the relevant component
  2. I think margins, padding, font-size, line-height, border-radius should be fine
  3. this breakpoints should be enough

I often use Tabstrip with grid inside and it would be fine when this is in a flex container that it sizes automatically...

regards robert

Posted on: 09 Feb 2021 15:19

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I agree that the auto-sizing of our components might prove useful for different projects.

My colleagues and I were thinking about this topic, and we would appreciate your input on the following points:

1) Generally, the Bootstrap Layout Grid is used for web pages. Changing the width of the page will change the layout via Media queries. For example, a row with 12 columns could have 6 columns if the screen width is lower than 768px. However, our components might not be direct children of the body element. Having said that, would you prefer the auto-sizing to be based on the width of the screen or the current width of the relevant component?

2) What this auto-sizing should include? Only margins, padding, font-size, line-height, border-radius, or anything else?

3) How many breakpoints do you imagine are enough? Is "md"(default), "sm", and "lg" sufficient, or should we support more breakpoints?

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


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