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Created on: 01 Feb 2021 21:10
Category: DateTimePickers
Type: Feature Request
DateTimePicker/TimePicker - Component Type 'Modern' should respect Interval setting

Currently, the new feature .ComponentType('modern') does NOT respect the .Interval(n) setting for the control.

Demo of ComponentType setting on DateTimePicker control


According to the API Reference the Interval setting, Interval

"Specifies the interval, between values in the popup list, in minutes." 


The ComponentType('classic') does respect the Interval setting.  Thus, the ComponentType feature should be updated to respect the Interval setting when the "modern" ComponentType is selected.  The time interval under modern is always 1 minute (see screenshot).

                            .Events(e => { e.Change("onSessionEndChange"); })
                            .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "width: 100%", title = "Session End Date/Time", @class = "form-control" })


Modern should respect the Interval setting for the control.

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Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
Posted on: 08 Feb 2021 18:49

Hello Dennis,

Thank you for your feature request.  In regards to the interval, this applies to the popup when clicking on the clock icon in the classic Kendo UI DateTimePicker.  

Our Kendo UI DateTimePicker with the Modern Component type allows rendering to have all options available and navigatable by clicking and scrolling and is not available for intervals. 

The developer community can vote for this functionality, and if it shows interest, we will consider implementing interval in a subsequent release.  Please continue to follow this feature request for any future updates.

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