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Created on: 02 Feb 2017 17:43
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ASP.NET Core New Project Wizard with Kendo UI Sass Template
We are building our product using an ASP.NET Core MVC project and are very excited to use the Kendo UI Sass Template.  We took a lot of time to integrate the Bootstrap Sass distribution into the project build process using Gulp and Node.js in Visual Studio to build and minify the Bootstrap Sass files so we have full control over the style and features included in our CSS files to maximize performance.

Part of this process was to make sure we used the same exact process used by Bootstrap to compile the Sass into the CSS so our process did not introduce bugs because the Sass was compiled and minified using different options than the Bootstrap team.

It would be greate if you could include options in the new project wizard to include the Kendo UI Sass template and the code necessary to build the CSS.  Additionally it would be ideal if your Sass  can be compiled and minified using the same options as Bootstrap so that if a team decides to combine and minify that code it will still work as expected.

A bonus would be if you allowed the template to also select to use Bootstrap Sass alongside the Kendo UI Sass so that a project like this can be setup quickly with minimal effort on the developers part.

Thanks for taking this into consideration,

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Viktor Tachev
Posted on: 14 May 2021 08:56


The functionality is available out of the box. Check out the article below that describes the project wizard in more detail:


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