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Created on: 24 Apr 2024 10:38
Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Feature Request
Add a .NET MAUI Shimmer control


Do you have on your roadmap to include a Shimmer View / Control as part of your .NET MAUI offerings to tidy up a screen loading indication.

From a UI/UX perspective, a shimmer sits better with our user community rather than a loading indicator.

Thank you,



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Posted on: 24 Apr 2024 12:52

Hello Shane,

We do not have a Shimmer control in our immediate plans, still, that would be a great addition to our .NET MAUI suite, so I've updated the status of the feature request to "Unplanned".

We're going to track the demand and will plan it accordingly. Please follow the feedback item to get notified on status changes.

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