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Created on: 28 Apr 2022 17:29
Category: TabView
Type: Feature Request
Keep TabHeader panel visible when no headers are remaining

Hi Team,

Currently (as of 0.7.0) the RadTabview automatically collapses the tab header items panel when there are no tab headers to show.

I am requesting that you add a feature to the RadTabView that will allow me to keep the header items panel visible, even if there are no tab headers visible.

Thank you,


> The reason I ask for this, is because sometimes I need to set some tabs to IsVisible=False, but I still want to see the header panel.

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Posted on: 25 May 2022 14:54


I changed the feedback item to "Declined".

Here is more information about the tabs: Tabs organize and allow navigation between groups of content that are related and at the same level of hierarchy. All tabs are in one panel - the header panel. When one header item is not visible - it is not visible inside the panel. When there are not visible items at all, the panel is also not visible. This is by design and the way how the TabView works.

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