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Created on: 11 Sep 2020 11:57
Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
Add Categorical Paging and Series Paging

The RadGrid attachment shows the Data I need to present in the form of rows of Products each with a start date. 

HOWEVER, I need to present the data "per start date" so basically the Date would be a Column Header, then each date would show the duration, start time, and price under each Start Date. 

The PivotGrid attachment shows how I was able to take the same data and present it with the start date as a column but is not sufficient for my needs. I need to be able to Page by Start Date, so essentially a custom pager that keeps track of the Start Date and only shows like 3 days at a time. So in the screenshot you see Sept 9th through Sept 25, however I would like to have the pager control which rows are presented and then be able to page on the date column rather than showing the full month with a horizontal scrollbar.