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Chris Vaughn
Created on: 07 Sep 2020 08:27
Category: Menu
Type: Bug Report
Make JAWS announce the number of top-level menus in the RadMenu

This can be achieved if the role=menubar is set to the <ul> element containing the <li> menu items instead of the wrapper <div> element.

In this example from the WAI-ARIA Practices site, JAWS announces "1 of 3", "2 of 3", and "3 of 3" as the top-level menus are navigated.


 Workaround from Admin:

    function OnClientLoad(sender, args) {
        $telerik.$(sender.get_element()).removeAttr("role").find(">").attr("role", "menubar")
<telerik:RadMenu runat="server" ID="RadMenu1" EnableAriaSupport="true"  RenderMode="Lightweight" OnClientLoad="OnClientLoad" TabIndex="1">

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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 07 Oct 2020 12:46

Hello Chris,

We have tested this again and while it makes JAWS pronounce 1 of 4, it stops announcing when a focused menu has a submenu in Chrome. In FireFox both configurations work properly of "1 of 4" and "Item 2 submenu" pronunciation.

With that said, we will delay the source code changes to see how Google/JAWS would handle this scenario in future versions.

Peter Milchev
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