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Created on: 02 May 2020 14:31
Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
A friction-less Add to Calendar [Google Outlook iCal Yahoo Apple]

I would like an extended feature to the iCal button that you get with RadScheduler which just deliver the one ical file type,
however it is typical on many event sites to offer alternative formats such as "[Google Outlook iCal Yahoo Apple]" because a user might be on an iPhone and so the text format might have the header information changed to make it natral for an iOS user, where as on an Android device making it natral to a google calendar would be a better fit.

It would be useful in the UserAgent was sniffed to offer a selection that is a natral fit of that environment.
An optional cookie could be left behind on that device to inform the control of the users preference so that is the head of the list.

This means that if Zoom or EventBrite used such a control (which they do) it would mean that your UI offers calendar events that connect to you, and so your UI is a little more sticky. 
Sure we can say that the iCal control would do, as many calender's can cope, we could also show the button offering all the major brands and just render exactly the same content then its user error if the appointment not saved.  But because Telerik is a leading UX brand, we don't want to know its an ical file we just want it to be a friction-less perfect fit into the users' calendar - they don't need to think it just gets done.



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