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Created on: 10 Apr 2018 09:42
Category: Calendar
Type: Bug Report
RadCalender's design after the "Upgradation of Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX framework (2016.3.1027 to 2018.1.117)"
-> When DatePicker renders for the first time, it applies the CSS according to the selected skin.
Reference Image: Comtrol in Filter Panel first time render.jpg

-> But as soon as I enter into an edit mode or insert than the CSS is not applied to the control and the design of the RadCalender is breaking somehow.
Reference Image: Control while Editing.jpg

-> Also entering into edit or insert break the design of the other RadCalender control placed in filter panel.
Reference Image: Control in Filter Panel.jpg
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Posted on: 01 May 2018 13:42
Solution has been provided for this in the following forum thread -'s-design-after-the-upgradation-of-telerik-ui-for-asp-net-ajax-framework-(2016-3-1027-to-2018-1-117)-071b202d60ce