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Marin Bratanov
Created on: 11 Aug 2017 11:12
Category: TabStrip
Type: Bug Report
When using the Tab key, focus moves only between the last element and the tabstrip when keyboard navigation is used
Workaround is attached. It focuses the first focusable element on the page and you can easily change that logic.

We have already taken upon ourselves the task of managing the keyboard navigation in a container (the pageview).

Please leave your comments how this should be fixed, because there are many options. For example:

   -  we can focus the first focusable element, in a fashion similar to the workaround. Caveat: the list is incomplete, there are more focusable elements. Also, non-sequential tabIndex values set by the developer will not be honored. We may implement logic that counts the tabIndexes and focuses the smallest one, but this is complex, error prone and browsers tend to return bad values for this attribute, especially when it is set to -1. Also, this may not be the desired behavior by the developers.

    - we can focus the pageview element. Caveat: you may be unable to enter its child inputs at all, depending on the page setup and the tabIndex values.

    - we can consider setting tabIndex to -1 for all focusable elements in other pageViews akin to the modal backgrounds for controls like window and tooltip. The goal being to let the natural flow of the page take over and the browser to do this job, not our JS code. Caveat: we can still break the navigation logic on the page and this also has low performance when changing many tabIndex attributes at once.
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