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Created on: 08 May 2017 12:28
Category: AsyncUpload
Type: Feature Request
Why not add a "basic mode" to radasyncupload? that saves the selected file(s) in the target folder as soon as the upload is complete without the need for an extra postback?

Or facilitate a postback through a popup "upload complete" with an ok button?

And a little feedback in general on the documentation nearly all the examples have all the bells and whistles active, which makes them hard to read for programmers with little experience like me. 

Why not have every control with a absolutely minimalistic example that only shows the core functionality?

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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 06 May 2020 07:34

Hello Theo,

Saving the file in the Target folder directly completely defies with the AsyncUpload purpose. Also, this would clog up the Target folder with all the files that the user uploads and then removes. 

If that is your requirement, the Custom Handler is the way to do, that allows you to move the files with no additional code or postback:

On the postback functionality, this is easy to do as there is an OnClientFilesUploaded event that is fired as soon as all files finish uploading. You can use this event to either do the postback yourself or show a popup.

Regarding our documentation, most controls have Getting started articles and very simple and basic functionality snippets. The online demos are intentionally more complex in order to show real-life scenarios and more advanced functionalities.

Also, our documentation has a feedback form for each page, so you and anyone else are more than welcome to use it and share your constructive feedback. That way we can see what can be improved in the article and act upon it.

Peter Milchev
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