Last Updated: 26 May 2021 20:46 by ADMIN
Created on: 21 Mar 2017 16:41
Category: Rotator
Type: Feature Request
RadRotator ScrollDirection

As the rotator works today, it does not only move contents according to the ScrollDirection property. It also sorts records according to ScrollDirection. Example: if i populate the rotator with records from a database with an SQL statement like "SELECT * FROM mytable ORDER BY DateSubmitted ASC", and then set ScrollDirection to "Down", the rotator starts sorting records in descending order, even though the SQL statement spcifically says to sort ascending. This is stupid in my opinion. The ScrollDirection property should do only precisely what it´s name suggests: move rotator contents in the direction set in the ScrollDirection property. The data source should decide in which order records are sorted. 

If I should change ScrollDirection for some reason, I will have to change the SQL statement to make records sort in the order I want them to as things are now. If I populate the rotator from code-behind, this means I will have also have to recompile the application instead of just changing the ScrollDirection property.