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radcombobox with checkboxes Server Side OnBlur or OnClose Event
FYI: this is basically an edit of a previous post.  Original didn't allow edits.

Please add a Server Side event for OnBlur or OnClose for the RadComboBox with the option for an auto postback.

The Telerik support team suggested using the "TextChanged" event.

However, this does not work for my purpose and here is why:

Mainly because it appears that an event fires immediately after each check/uncheck.

I have been using a dropdowncheckbox control by another vendor in multiple projects over the past 3 years (many, many instances).  It fires an event when you click anywhere out side the dropdown or when you collapse the dropdown (close).  This is perfect because many of these dropdowns supply parameters to SSRS reports that are generated on the webpage and I can iterate through the object and process all of the items that are checked at the same time, pass all parameters to the various reports.

Users of these website have requested that after selecting (checking) which values they want to choose, they want the reports to run automatically and don't want to click a "Run reports" button. I am doing this currently with the other control.

*** How could I possibly determine when the user is done checking/unchecking items using the "TextChanged" event?  

With an OnBlur or OnClose event it's a No-Brainer.  Event --> Do Processing...

Our company made a decision to standardize our tool set and picked Telerik as that toolset vendor.  The lack of having an event that fires similar to the control that I have been using in the past will require unnecessary code modification.

In summary, if there was a similar event I could simply rename each instance of my C# event handlers (methods) across all projects, then modify that code to iterate through the RadComboBox instead of the control I currently use and be done.  Find --> Replace, mostly. 

For the one (1) instance of the RadComboBox that I have tried I was able to create a work-around by placing code in the IsPostback of the Page_Load event and iterate through the radcombobox, getting the checked values and then doing whatever processing  needs to be done.  This not work for most of the pages in my projects mentioned above due to different circumstances.