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Created on: 23 Jun 2016 08:38
Category: Notification
Type: Bug Report
RadNotification does not calculate its vertical page offset when shown in a scrolled page in Edge
When you open a RadNotification in a scrolled page in Edge, it will appear higher than expected or it might not appear at all depending on how much the page is scrolled. 

You can avoid the issue by placing the following script at the end of your page:

		<script type="text/javascript">
			Telerik.Web.UI.RadNotification.prototype._originalSetPopupValue = Telerik.Web.UI.RadNotification.prototype._setPopupVisible;
			Telerik.Web.UI.RadNotification.prototype._setPopupVisible = function(x, y) 
				if (Telerik.Web.Browser.edge) {
					var offsetY = window.pageYOffset;
					var offsetX = window.pageXOffset;

					if (document.documentElement.scrollTop == 0 && document.body.scrollTop > 0)
						y += offsetY;
					if (document.documentElement.scrollLeft == 0 && document.body.scrollLeft > 0)
						x += offsetX;
				this._originalSetPopupValue(x, y);
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Posted on: 12 Jun 2017 08:32
When will this be fixed in the control. Its very good to know that I can use this bandage but we are now one year ahead and hope it will be scheduled or already be solved in a new release.