Last Updated: 20 Sep 2016 05:37 by Coen
Created on: 02 May 2016 08:03
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
rgrotateheader grid header rotation only +90deg; -90deg please!
I'd like to request for an expansion of the RadGrid header rotation. Currently the rgRotateHeader style that can be applied rotates +90deg. 

I find this an uncomfartable reading direction and I am sure my users will complain about it. While attempting to set some custom style corrections tot rotate -90deg with the help of Telerik support I found that the end result was not good enough to bring into production: wrapping direction was wrong and too many manual corrections had to be made to make the header fit.

See attached screenshots where I made an attempt to rotate the header to override the rgRotateHeader style and the undesired wrapping results and the inconvenient required corrections in transform-origin. Maybe I could have made this work, but this is where I stopped my effort as it cost me too many time. 

I would very much like this a standard feature of the Radgrid. Also -45deg would be very nice to have!