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Darcy Mayer
Created on: 07 Dec 2015 15:33
Category: AsyncUpload
Type: Feature Request
validation from mobile devices when uploading from google drive or any other cloud storage without extensions
When validation is set in order prevent a user from uploading an unsupported file, it works fine when the user uploads files with extensions.

The problem is, if the same user attempts to upload from a mobile device such as from google drive, the file typically has no extensions, and therefore it fails validation; even though it in fact is a supported file.

Somehow, when we know it's a mobile device, tablet, or a MAC we need to be able to allow no extensions.

Create an option or detect if it is be accessed from a mobile device, and allow us to choose if we want allow files to have no extensions, even if the validation is active so that if a file is uploaded without an extension in those cases it doesn't trigger the validation and fails clients side.