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Aneliya Petkova
Created on: 25 Jun 2015 13:46
Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
Esc key should behave the same way disregarding whether the drop-down of the RadDropDownList is opened or not.
The behavior of the control when it is navigated through the keyboard should be the same independent of the drop-down state (opened or not).

1. Open online demo

2. Open the drop-down of the RadDropDownList

3. Select an item from the drop-down

4. Open the dropdown again and using down or up arrow keys, change the highlight without selecting new item(the text in the input is changing)

5. Now press ESC key -> Result: the selected item is shown in the input(instead of the last highlighted item) -> this is the right behavior.

6. To reproduce the false behavior - focus the RadDropDownList(the drop-down should be closed and in the RadDropDownList there should be a selected item)

7. Using up/down arrow keys highlight items(the text in the input is changing with the text of the highlighted item)

8. Press ESC key -> the text of the highlighted item remain in the input of the RadDropDownList instead of the text of the selected item. This is an issue.