Last Updated: 02 Aug 2016 14:23 by Daniel
Created on: 28 Apr 2015 15:06
Category: Diagram
Type: Feature Request
deserialize & serialize diagram JSON
make it easier to serialize and deserialze the diagram json string. 

When doing a Kendo Diagram.Save and resulting json string and be able to easily deserialize this into a C# Diagram object with DiagramShapes and DiagramsConnections


1) Kendo API does a Diagram.Save()
2) Serialize this to JSON
3) send to server via AJAX callback
4) simply do serializer.Deserialize<RadDiagram>(myJson);

Only step #4 is missing, writing my own deserializer now :(

The same would be the other way around, creating a RADDiagram with shapes and connections in the back and then serialize this with one call and bind it to the Kendo API.