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Created on: 04 Nov 2014 17:45
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Additional properties for the TreeMap control
Since the Webinar, I've been trying to use the TreeMap control for a new project and there are some additional properties I'd like to suggest for the TreeMap that would make it much more hospitable to use without hacking the individual elements of the control.

The following names are only to demonstrate what I'm suggesting:

1. TreeMapItem.FontColor -- in the ItemDataBound event I am easily able to change the background color of the TreeMapItem by changing the .color property. I'd like to be able to do the same with font color. 

Similarly, it appears that the .color property is ignored for parent rows. At the least I'd like to change the font color there as well.

2. TreeMapItem.NavigateUrl -- the RadTreeMap object has a .NavigateUrl property but in this project we'd like to have the TreeMapItem objects to have a separate NavigateUrl property so the user can click to go to web pages with detailed information and web forms for changing that data. Right now I'm having to attach javascript client-side click events and that's just a kludge, especially since the RadTreeMap control has the desired functionality to begin with.

Similarily, I was very surprised that the TreeMapItems respond to hover by placing a white border around the TreeMapItem on the screen, but do not have any exposed click events. Yes, I know you can use Javascript events, but I would also like to be able to use server-side events since this is a server-side control.

3. This one seems like it might be difficult, but I'd like to see a "row" property, at least when RadTreeMap.AlgorithmType = "Horizontal" so that I can calculate the height of the control. For example, I have an instance where I have a parent header, sub parent header, and variable 3-6 rows of data for each sub-parent header. Because I'm feeding the TreeMap control datatables it is difficult to determine the number of "rows" in the TreeMap since each row has different numbers of rows on the datatable depending upon how much information is in the row (each row can have up to 4 type of data inserted into the row).

I understand if this isn't probable (or even possible) for the "Vertical" and "Squarified" algorithms, since those can have variable numbers of TreeMapItems in the height. But "Horizontal" should be in distinct rows .

Thanks! As I work with this, I'm sure I'll come up with more ideas. I'll post them here.
Posted on: 15 Jun 2021 14:59

Declined due to lack of interest by the community for many years.

Posted on: 17 Nov 2014 17:09
Because I know it will come up, I made a mistake: the RadTreeMap does not have a .NavigateURL, it has .ResolveURL and .ResolveClientURL ... so perhaps it does not have the exact functionality I thought it did. However, the point stands. It would be much more convenient to have URLs mapped to the TreeMapItems (or at least, even just a click event where the sender is the TreeMapItem clicked) instead of having to resolve everything through Javascript. Thanks!