Last Updated: 05 Nov 2014 14:48 by Elena
Danail Vasilev
Created on: 06 Oct 2014 07:04
Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report
FIX unable to select next item of a focused and collapsed RadDropDownList using the down arrow
1.Run the provided code below which focuses the RadDropDownList

2.Press the down key which is supposed to select the second item. - Item is not selected

3.Press again the down key - second item is selected.

            function pageLoad() {
        <asp:TextBox ID="Textbox1" runat="server" />
        <telerik:RadDropDownList ID="RadDropDownList1" runat="server" TabIndex="11">
                <telerik:DropDownListItem Text="item 1" />
                <telerik:DropDownListItem Text="item 2" />

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Posted on: 05 Nov 2014 14:48
The fix will be available in Q3 2014 SP1, expected in the end of November/beginning of December.