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Viktor Tachev
Created on: 11 Jun 2014 12:42
Category: Filter
Type: Feature Request
Improve control over the values for the FieldEditors

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Posted on: 13 Jun 2014 11:15
 I am trying to programmatically set up a 'RadFilter'  and whilst I have set up the basic (eg every thing is text) I cant set the DataType  or the 'SetEditorValues' which I  assume are items such as 'TextBoxWidth' was these change due to the type. 

Likewise it would be nice to choose a datepicker for a date and so on.
Which means even if there is not a direct control that you can use from RadInput but there is a workaround, it would be nice to have that fix in the forum so when you google "RadFilter +'SetEditorValues'  + DateTime" or other system.type  you can access the work arounds. 

We use Google a lot and hits are normally for [Telerik control name] + [Telerik control attribute inside that control] + [what you are looking for]