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Created on: 09 Jun 2014 20:00
Category: FileExplorer
Type: Feature Request
Adding Copy and Paste buttons to the RadFileExplorer toolbar
We had a requirement to add Copy/Paste icons the RadFileExplorer toolbar. That was the easy part. Getting them to call into the native Copy/Paste functions that are used by the Context Menus proved to be challenge.

Support provided me the solution below but it would have been nice to have OOB:

			function CopyFiles() {
				var fileExplorer = $find("<%=RadFileExplorer1.ClientID%>");
			function PasteFiles() {
				var fileExplorer = $find("<%=RadFileExplorer1.ClientID%>");
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Posted on: 28 Jul 2016 12:27
Declined due to lack of enough demand by the community. If more users vote for this feature, we'll update its status.