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Marin Bratanov
Created on: 20 Mar 2014 12:03
Category: Window
Type: Bug Report
FIX: When a maximized RadWindow with DestroyOnClose=true is closed, the active window returned by the RadWindowManager is not updated
You can find attached three pages that illustrate the problem and mainpage.aspx offers a workaround.
Steps to reproduce, if the workaround is removed:
1) Browse the MainPage.aspx
 2) Click the "Show RadWindow 1" button
 3) In the first RadWindow, click the "Show RadWindow 2" to open the child modal RadWindow (Content Page 2)
   -- if you click the "Show Current Active Window" button in content page 1, you can see the current active window is  the "Content Page 1" which is correct.
 4) Maximize the second RadWindow and close it
 5) Back in the first RadWindow, click the "Show Current Active Window" button, the current active window will host the "Content Page 2" and will have the ID of the second dialog
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Posted on: 21 Mar 2014 15:16
The workaround works fine and hope this issue will be fixed in future release very soon.

Well done Marin!