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Created on: 28 Jan 2014 14:59
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Modernize the Rotator
I don't ever use the radrotator because of how dated it is....sets a fixed with (rrClipRegion), rotated items flow behind that, jquery based animation...etc etc.

Can we please knock this out of the park and make something like

Look, if you guys didn't use your own rotator on the new needs fixing, no?  #Dogfooding
Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 21 Nov 2017 09:46
Due to inactivity, lack of interest, and the presence of the RadImageGallery control that covers most of these requirements, such modifications will not be implemented in RadRotator.
Posted on: 17 Jun 2015 14:06
Hi Hugo,

Have you had a chance to test the beta of the mobile rendering of RadImageGallery: ?

The new rendering will make the control:
- fully responsive
- touch friendlier with bigger touch zones, 
- HTML5/CSS3 based with reduced footprint
- with three supported modes - Image, Image Slider and Thumbnails
- with gestures support - spread and pinch, tap and swipe.

Please let me know which features would you like to see in the next version and we will discuss them?

Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 17 Jun 2015 02:30
Any news on this?? 
Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 11 Feb 2015 18:27
Hi Rumen,

I must say I was surprised by the "we do not plan to improve the Rotator". Why is this post Approved then?! The title is "modernize the Rotator" :)

Are you planning to improve Image Gallery so that we can get something similar to a refreshed Rotator/Image Gallery? Comparing to owlcarousel or RoyalSlider, what functionalities can we expect then?

Please enlighten me because now I'm confused :(

Posted on: 11 Feb 2015 17:34
Thanks for the address. For the time being we do not plan to improve the Rotator, because the Image Gallery covers the requested responsive and elastic functionality. It will offer templates and you will be able to rotate any type of content in it.

The Image Gallery is also a responsive mobile friendly control, which updates its size with the browser as shown here:

The live demo is located at:

Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 10 Feb 2015 18:56
I believe that having Rotator and Image Gallery might be redundant, but either you have a completely new rotator or a name change for Image Gallery :)
Posted on: 10 Feb 2015 15:35
Yeah gotta be honest with you, I thought this entire time you were saying the ImageGallery is a replacement for the Rotator.  I don't see how you could refactor the rotator at all the way it's currently built without causing client regressions...?  Maybe a lightweight render mode or something...but...
Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 10 Feb 2015 13:07
ok, I was hoping to see Image Gallery updates already in the beta demos :(

As to the rotator: Not sure what you mean... If you implement everything it was suggested here by Steve and me, Rotator control will be a killer one! Also, check this plugin. Love how automattically reduces item columns and item images according to device screen. or

What do you think?
Posted on: 10 Feb 2015 12:15
The demo is going to become live for the official release in two and a half weeks. 

As to the rotator: Can you please share what do you want to see implemented next in this control?
Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 10 Feb 2015 09:56
Hi Rumen,

Online demos don't reflect these changes yet. When do you think Image Gallery tenplates demo will be available? Also, any predction on Rotator updates? 
Posted on: 09 Feb 2015 16:21
Hi guys,

The templates feature has been released with the Q1 2015 Beta. I am using this opportunity to invite you to take part in the Beta program. You can find more info at!
Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 19 Nov 2014 11:04
Hi Rumen Jekov,

that is great news!! Will the control still be named Image Gallery? ;) Also, please try to include automatic video playback since this is a very usefull feature for automatic slide rotation.

Thanks for hearing us!!
Posted on: 01 Jul 2014 10:17
Hi guys,

Thank you for the nice examples and additional feedback.

We plan to provide support for templates in the Image Gallery control in Q1 2015, which will allow you and your fellow developers to display not only image, but also HTML and Video content in the new Image Gallery control.

Best regards,

Posted on: 01 Jul 2014 01:00
Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 05 Jun 2014 10:58
Any news on this request from Steve?
Hugo Augusto
Posted on: 07 May 2014 14:17
I also share the feeling of Steve. This control is the ugly duck in the Ajax UI Suite. I also believe that your aproach of having separated controls for images, videos and content(html) is a mistake. Almost every content "Rotator" tries to do what Dmitry Semenov did, incorporating a full set of features into one control or plugin, is his case. Today, as Steve wrote, we need to rotate whatever the heck we throw in there, and it's true! 

Why do you have a Rotator, an Image Gallery, a Lightbox and a Media Player?! Why not try to create a unique hybrid control that allows us to present ANY content with several mode options and configurations?

Right now, We are not using any of your new controls (Rad Rotator, Media Player, Lightbox and Image Gallery) since we need an integrated solution out of the box instead of having to inject a specific control according to the content.

Rotator: It's so dated that it's useless to try to use it in a modern web apllication.
Image Gallery: Why did you assume that a gallery just has images? How about local videos and remote videos mixed with images?
Lightbox: This control makes sense to be standalone since it can be incorporated into custom UI. 
Media Player: This should be merged with Image Gallery. It makes no sense to be standalone control.

Instead of just submitting a new control request, I'm going to add my vote to this one, and ask for you guys, to please take a really good look into Steve link ( and also this one (
) that allows for mind blowing animations and awesome parallax effects on content.

Posted on: 31 Jan 2014 16:53
I want it to rotate whatever the heck I throw in there :)


This is why i was confused...because it was an image slider, I thought it was just an image gallery, not a "rotator"

Again back to the rotator on
Contains images and text, buttons...
Posted on: 31 Jan 2014 16:45
Hi Steve,

Straight to the questions:
1) Responsive - it will be responsive. We will continue to improve this feature after the release. If you have any specific requirements, please, share them.
2) CSS3 Animated - Yes, there will be CSS3 based animations.
3) Touch friendly - This is planned for v2 of the control.
4) Auto image scalling - Yes.
5) Html can be in the slides? - Do you want to load HTML content instead of images in the slides? 

Best regards,
Posted on: 29 Jan 2014 00:28
Oh is that what this is!?  I thought it was just some sort of like tile-list of images or something.

So how close is it to royal or whats on right now?  
Is it...
1) Responsive
2) Css3 animated
3) Touch friendly
4) Auto Image scaling?
5) Html can be in the slides?
Posted on: 28 Jan 2014 22:29
Hi Steve,

I have good news that the requested image slider (gallery) control is on its way and will appear in the upcoming Q1 2014 release. It is already announced in the Roadmap page: 

The release is targeted for mid-late February.

Best regards,