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Created on: 05 Dec 2013 14:40
Category: TabStrip
Type: Feature Request
1)If already one tab opened means-->just i want to select tab(without postback)

for that me use set_selected(true) and select().But its also fires OnClientTabSelected Client Side API function.

So how can i achieve this?

 OnClientTabSelecting function available to get focus of user select a tab.Becoz i want two functionality

1)I want  postback for some specific of the tabs when user clicks already opened tabs

2)I want to select a Tab(without postback) when user clicks from Leftmenu(RadPanelBar)

Pls explain with sample code how to achieve both Its very urgent

3) In my left side user control  RadPanelItem me used.Based on this only tabs are opened based

Functionality me need -->whenever user select a already opened tabs its corresponding menu also should select in RadPanelbar(PanelItem)

Me tried this logic
function ClientTabsSelected(sender, args) {
var tab = args.get_tab();

    function GetItemText(currenttabtext) { //This function me put left side user control.

          var panelBar = $find("<%=RadPanelBar1.ClientID%>");

           var currentitem = panelBar.findItemByText(currenttabtext);

           if (currentitem) {


Its works only when panelitem expand.If already selected item in Panelbar collapsed means.Its select properly (rpSelected CSS Class assigned  me find using inspect element)

But its not expand..Please help me solve this also

Please response soon.Its very urgent
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Posted on: 09 Dec 2013 07:35
Could you please open a support ticket and attach a sample project which demonstrates the issue to examine it locally? Otherwise we are not sure what is the exact problem.