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Created on: 29 Oct 2013 00:51
Category: ListView
Type: Feature Request
Hide on empty data
We use the RadListView a lot in Sitefinity, and often I want the ability to hide the listview on no data.

Problem with the EmptyDataTemplate is that the LayoutTemplate usually has headers in it or a ul wrapper.

  <h2>Related Content</h2>
        <asp:PlaceHolder ...

So in an emptydatatemplate, it's going to render in that placeholder and have a "Related Content" header...with no you wouldnt want
<h2>Related Content</h2>
  <li>No Content</li>

I would love to have a property such that the control will just hide itself when there's no data on databound.

Reason I mention sitefinity is the templates ("views") are editable in the UI, so there's no ability to add custom code to handle an event.

So I guess it's a feature request for a new property or some other method to not render the layouttemplate.
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