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Created on: 25 Oct 2013 15:41
Category: Ajax
Type: Bug Report
On client side radajaxmanager ajaxRequest issue with radprogressmanager
When i init ajaxmanager ajaxRequest from client side radprogressmanager starts its unstoppable progress callbacks and overloads IIS. Please find the attached code to reproduce the issue. Run App and run chrome/ firefox debugger, wait for 2 mins for timer to init ajax request as required and then you can see radprogress unstoppable callbacks. 
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Deyan Enchev
Posted on: 19 Dec 2013 15:41

By analyzing the code you have provided it is not clear where you are calling the startSaveDraftTimmer Function. It is declared but not called. Therefore there the reason for ISS being overloaded does not seem to be provoked by the AjaxRequest.

In addition please note the limitation of XmlHttpRequest component provoking the users from using RadUpload with AJAX calls. More on this topic you can read in our online help: