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Created on: 08 Aug 2013 14:29
Category: Ajax
Type: Bug Report
grid, treelist, column headers
When columns (in any control which supports them - Grid, TreeList, etc.) are sorted, the Sorting Icon wraps below the HeaderText.  If the CSS/Styling is updated to have the "<a>" tag in the ColumnHeader display as "inline-block", this resolves the issue slightly.  However, now the end-user has to be sure to click on the HeaderText itself in order to sort the column.  This is especially annoying when the Columns also support reordering.

I would suggest that Telerik add a "<table>" tag inside the column header and have the HeaderText in one cell and the SortIcon in the following cell.  The right-most cell with the SortIcon can be set to a specific width so that the HeaderText just expands as necessary and wraps as necessary without ever affecting the SortIcon.  Also, the cells should have Css Classes defined so that developers can override any styling behavior as necessary (class="col-text" and class="col-sortIcon" for example).

This should be optional (a property which turns this on/off at the overall Control level) if developers want one way or the other (ColumnRenderMode=Inline/Table?).  Or even maybe at each Column (might be overkill)?
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Not reproducible with the latest version at