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Created on: 02 Jan 2013 12:24
Category: Dock
Type: Bug Report
RadDock goes out of RadDockZone in Firefox
I have a RadDockLayout and RadDockZone in the markup and I'm dynamically add RadDock controls from code behind to RadDockZone. And the intended drag and drop behavior of Dock items within the Zone is working fine in IE and Chrome, but not in Firefox. In Firefox when I click on the Title area of the RadDock item (which is the drag handler) the Dock item detached from the list and from the Zone and goes far top of the page from the cursor or just disappear. So far what I have found is this;

The RadDockZone is placed in bottom of the long page (with browser scrolled to bottom). The RadDock item does not take the scroll height into account when it's position is calculated.

I'm using latest version of Firefox (v17) and other browsers (IE v9, Chome v23)

Is there a fix for this ?
Posted on: 05 Sep 2013 09:50
Thank you for the provided information. I'm closing the issue.
Posted on: 14 Jan 2013 13:10
I've been able to fix the issue, and there was a markup error on the main page and it causes the JavaScript to malfunction. There was no bug with the Telerik toolkit. Sorry for the bug report and I could not find this thread to remove or reply until I've got an alert email regarding status change.