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Release R1 2022
Ivan Zhekov
Created on: 05 Nov 2012 12:41
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
New Control: RadSplitButton
In it's current state the RadButton only emulates the looks of a SplitButton, but not the behaviour.

In my point of view, such control should prove valuable to customers. More over, there is a growing need of base controls since we already have a at least three such implementations.

A RadSplitButton should be the base (or it's base should be the base) for all control specific implementations of a split button
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Posted on: 12 Dec 2012 15:19
Yeah, the RadButton already has a splitbutton mode, but unfortunately, you have to also drop a RadContextMenu and hook it all up manually, which is a pain.  We ended up having to create our own splitbutton CompositeControl that does the work for us.  It would be nice if the RadButton had it all built-in.