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Created on: 02 Apr 2020 15:19
Category: FileManager
Type: Feature Request
Improve the files/folders moving process in the FileManager. Create a relation between the Create and Destroy methods

Currently, if we move files/folders from one folder to another, the FileManager sends two requests to the backend - Create and Destroy. The Create method is called to "create"  the files in their new destination and the Destroy method removes the files from their previous location. 

The two methods are executed independently and the results from each of them don't affect the result of the other. There are scenarios in which when we move files, the Create call can fail or be prevented because of limited user rights, but the Destroy method will be executed resulting in files' deletion. The same is applicable in scenarios where the Destroy is unsuccessful. 

It will be a very useful FileManager feature if there is a relation in the Create and Destroy methods' execution.