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Release 2019.R2.SP1
Created by: Taki Xaftellis
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report

Since upgrading to 2019.2.514, all Kendo ListViews have the following styling added:

overflow-y: scroll; position: relative;

Please explain the purpose and the best way to turn off.


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Created by: Petr
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report


option Borderd(false) is not working on ListView.
If I set Borderd(false), option is generated on page:

If is set to "false", option is not generated:

But default option in "kendo.all.js" or in "kendo.listview.js" is "true":



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Created by: Christian
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report

Hello guys,


i used the listview widget with a client template and a flexing layout. I set some bootstrap classes in the htmlattributes (see example), but this set no longer the item container attributes, it sets only the widget wrapper attributes.

So far I haven't even noticed that the elements are no longer flexing, so I can't say which update changed this behavior. I also tried the (new?) flex settings, but this change anything in the mvc wrapper version.

	.TagName("div").HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "d-flex flex-wrap" })
	.Flex(x => x.Direction("column").Wrap("nowrap"))
	.DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
		.Sort(sort => sort.Add(m => m.Description))
	.Events(e => e.DataBound("formularDataBound"))
	.Pageable(p => p.Info(true).Input(true).Numeric(true).Refresh(true))


My workaround is some custom css for flexing.

    #listView .k-listview-content {
        display: flex;
        -ms-flex-wrap: wrap;
        -webkit-flex-wrap: wrap;
        flex-wrap: wrap;


Best regards


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Created by: Anurax
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Category: ListView
Type: Feature Request

Enable the server-side rendering of the ListView widget. Similar to the implementation of the server row template of the grid:

This would help the pages containing the widget to be better indexed as the HTML content will be returned from the server rather than executing JavaScript logic to evaluate templates based on the data items of the widget.