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Created by: Kyle
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
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UI Component name doesn't validate if there are spaces being used, (an expression is used for name). When spaces are used it doesn't work and throws no errors at all in web console or visual studio output window.

For example if we use an Telerik expression (like we did) as part of the name it will break if said expression returns a value with a space. Which in hindsight makes 100% sense. I think it would be beneficial to any developers in the future if there was a layer of validation that would check to see if a UI component name has a space in it which will break the component functionality. 

In the Telerik-example.png I showed what the fields Im searching by are and you can see grid 1 is loading (which is correct and will work when I continue through the process) However grid 2 simply shows/outputs nothing in the grid at all, and the name of the grid is the black underlined field. Which is breaking due to the space being there.

Need More Info
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We need to always display dates to the client in EST.  We do not store our dates in SQL server as UTC but instead in local EST by default (for a number of different reasons.   A simple option in the grid (and other controls for that matter) to ignore the automatic conversion process would be *Very* helpful.   I have seen lot's of posts in different sites asking for this option.  Thank you.