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Created by: Reza
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
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There is a Kendo Validation in addition to MVC one. 

There is a need for a method or script to disable the Kendo Validation and enforce the code to follow rules we define in the model.

Currently we have to write validation bypass script for each field, but I am looking for a way to disable Kendo Validations for the entire project or/and for specific page and it follows validation rules from the MVC model.

In most cases, validations from the MVC are sufficient and there is no need for redundance validations from the telerik.


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Created by: Chris
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Bug Report

I have a cshtml page that uses Kendo UI ASP.NET MVC that does the following:

  • sends an ajax request to a controller action method,
  • opens a new tab using,
  • displays a temporary message to let the user know that something is happening,
  • then overwrite the new tab content using the view that is contained in the ajax response.

The view contains one or more grid widgets (the number depends on how many result types were requested) and each grid is set up to export Excel.

The problem is that when is used to open a new tab, the browser history state is null and the window.location.href is empty with the browser location showing "about:blank". For Chrome and Firefox, this does not cause any issues when exporting excel for the grid.  However, when using Edge with this situation, when the Export to Excel grid toolbar button is clicked and the onExportExcel event is fired,  the browser Open or Save dialog prompt is displayed but the active tab (the one that contained the grid) closes. This behaviour is very undesireable. The ProxyUrl grid excel option does not fire since Edge supports javascript file saving.

A workaround for this situation is to forcibly set the new tab window object location href by using the window.history.pushUpdate function. A code snippet is included below.

let dataModel = {Id = 123571113, Name="jason bourne"};
let jsonModel = JSON.stringify(dataModel);
let curDate = new Date();
let targetUrl = '@Url.Action("Reports", "Report", new { @area = "Reports" })';
let targetWindowName = "something meaningful" + " " + curDate.toISOString();//add datetime stamp to avoid issue where you cannot open a window with the same name as the current window.
let html = "some html content to provide a temporary message to your audience";
let targetWindow =, targetWindowName);
if (targetWindow !== null && targetWindow !== undefined)
   targetWindow.document.close(); // to finish loading the page
   targetWindow.document.title = targetWindowName;

   //attempt to forcibly update the URL in the history and target window location to fix problem with grid export to excel on Edge browser
   let targetWindowHistoryHref = window.location.href;
   if (oModel.BuildingDesigns !== null && oModel.BuildingDesigns !== undefined && oModel.BuildingDesigns.length > 0) {
       targetWindowHistoryHref += "?oBuildingDesignId=" + oModel.BuildingDesigns[0].ObfuscatedBuildingDesignId + "&BuildingDesignName=" + oModel.BuildingDesigns[0].BuildingDesignName;
   } else {
       targetWindowHistoryHref += "?" + oModel.Target;
   targetWindow.history.pushState(null, null, targetWindowHistoryHref);
		type: "POST",
		dataType: "html", // this is the data type expected to be returned from the controller method
		contentType: "application/json", // this is the content type expected by the controller method
		url: targetUrl,
		data: jsonModel,
		beforeSend: function() {
			console.log(".... submitting report request");
			athena.loader.loading("submitting report request");
		success: function(response) {
			if (debugLevel > 2) {
				console.log(".... response = " + response + " : ", response);

			//attempt to populate the target browser tab with the response
			try {
				console.log(".... attempting to open a browser tab and populate it with the HTML response object");
				console.log(".... targetWindow = " + targetWindow);
				//will trigger popup blockers :: targetWindow ="", oModel.Target);
				if (targetWindow !== null) {
					if (response === null || response === undefined) {
						targetWindow.document.body.innerHTML = '';
					} else {
						//completely replace the existing document (not just the innerhtml);
						targetWindow.document.title = targetWindowName;
			} catch (ex) {
				// do nothing, just catch when the open fails.
				console.log("error: " + ex.message);
		error: function(jqXhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {
			console.log('.... error :: ajax status = ' + textStatus + ' :: errorThrown = ' + errorThrown);
			console.log('....-- jqXhr.responseText :: \n' + jqXhr.responseText);
	function() {
		console.log(".... report request has completed");

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Not sure if this is already in the works but when building mvc grids it would be helpful to have the ability to prevent a column from getting too big when the screen size is larger than the grid needs. Right now if columns are turned off and there is more space for the unlocked columns, they expand to fill the page which is normally fine but in some instances it looks silly to have a column for example that you would enter a 2 digit number in to be 300 plus px wide.


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Created by: Marcel
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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request

I'm using the ClientTemplate-Feature to render buttons for CRUD-actions in grids. For one entity I have to use a TreeList instead of a Grid due to parent-child relations. It would be great if I could use the same templates I use for the grid for the treelist as well.


columns.Bound(x => x.UserName)
        .ClientTemplate("<a href='" + Url.Admin().Account() + "/#= Id#/edit'>#= UserName #</a>")
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Created by: Michael
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Category: Installer and VS Extensions
Type: Bug Report
I recently updated my Telerik extensions in VS2019 and the MVC extension (v2022.1.429.1) is causing Visual Studio to hang when I open a solution that is based on KendoUI for MVC.  When I disable the extension the solution opens normally and no hang is encountered, I am able to navigate the projects in the solution and perform all required actions.
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Server filtering kendo grids and json deserialization errors in
When we are managing large volumes of data with several thousand datasource objects (grid rows) all of the rows need to be transported with each event.
This leads to errors with the json being too large to serialize.

We wish to restrict the data footprint and only return data for the page requested.
so if the grid has 100 pages and page size is 10 we only want to return the 10 rows required for the page, not 1000 rows.
This is not possible with the Kendo grid.
To work around this issue we have devised a strategy to return the the number of datasource objects Kendo grid expects up to the requested page count, but they are empty objects with no data, and then only have the last 10 rows populated with data.
It would be better for the grid control just to expect the number of results expected to the selected page and not have to add the dummy rows, so long as the total number of rows is provided so that the grid knows how many pages there are.

Our work around looks something like this in MVC

var users = cm.getUsers();
var result = new DataSourceResult();
var results = new List<user>();
int index = 0;
if (pageNum == 1)
    results = users.Take(pageSize).ToList();
     index = pageSize * (pageNum - 1);
     results = users.Skip(index).Take(pageSize).ToList();
List<user> output = null;

[This is the bit that should be handled by the kendo grid, without the need for dummy rows to further reduce json size]
if (index == 0)
     output = new List<user>(results);
     output = new user[index].ToList();
result = output.ToDataSourceResult(request);
result.Total = users.Count();
return Json(result, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
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Created by: Joe
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Category: Editor
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I noticed in the editor that when you click the "View HTML" button, the popup window isn't sized properly and you must scroll down to see the Update and Cancel buttons. 

It can be seen on your demo page...