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I have created this basic panelbar, in which expandall is set to false and one of the panelbars (i.e., General Info) is set to be expanded by default.

The problem is now with the second panelbar (Advanced Info), which is collapsed by default, but is not able to expand even after trying.

All that's  changing is expand and collapse arrow.

The same was working properly in earlier versions.

Hoping for your earliest response.

             .Name("Panelbar").Events(e => e.Error("onError").Expand("OnExpand").Collapse("OnCollapse"))
             .Items(panelbar =>
                 panelbar.Add().Text("General Info")
             .Content(@<div class="container" style="margin:1%;width:auto"><p>HI</p></div>);
                 panelbar.Add().Text("Advanced Info")
             .Content(@<div class="container" style="margin:1%;width:auto"><p>HI</p></div>);  

Need More Info
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I noticed in the editor that when you click the "View HTML" button, the popup window isn't sized properly and you must scroll down to see the Update and Cancel buttons. 

It can be seen on your demo page...