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Created on: 15 Jul 2020 06:25
Category: FileManager
Type: Bug Report
Moving files can result in permanent deletion

If a large number of files are moved using the drag & drop feature, it is very likely that some will get permanently deleted in the process. This is due to the Destroy routine being initiated before the Create routine has completed. Using the demo page here I've been able to replicate the loss of files. Steps are simply:

  • Create a new folder inside the Images folder
  • Drag the 10 images into this new folder
  • Drag them back
  • Repeat

Almost immediately, you will find there's no longer 10 images as the Create routine fails to complete before the Destroy routine is initiated resulting in 1 or more files being lost. With very little effort, I was able to reduce the 10 images down to 6 - I would class this as critical.

After 1 move operation, the 10 files are now just 8:

Posted on: 30 Jul 2020 12:10
when you move files or folders the component called the create and destroy functions independently if the server runs the destroy function first, the create function will generate an error.
Setting the ajax calls as synchronous solves this problem.

While the bug is being solved you can solve it by setting the ajax calls as synchronous.

    $.ajaxSetup({ async: false });


Posted on: 21 Jul 2020 13:41

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for this report with detailed steps to reproduce.
Initially the issue was not reproducible on my side, but later on I observed failing Create requests, followed by successful Destroy requests, which deletes the files, instead of moving them. I agree that there should be a connection between a Create and the respective Destroy request that follows to avoid this critical issue.

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