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Created by: Joh
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I have a Scheduler Hierarchical Grouping similar as https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-mvc/scheduler/resources-grouping-hierarchical

rather than meeting room in the above sample, I have department name instead. I group a list of user names by department name on a scheduler timeline view.

Is it possible to have a expand/collapse icon to allow me expand/collapse on each department? similar as tree list below

Please advise. Thanks!

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Created by: Paul
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I have a Kendo Notification component on my page. When the page loads, it is possible a notification needs to show immediately. This fails because the Notification component is not ready yet. Even putting this message show inside a document.ready() call does not work. There’s no rendered event on this component to know when Kendo has it added to the DOM and it is accessible. So I ended up creating an array of messages to show. And running a setInterval block on page load until it is ready to go. Then clearing the interval and message array. It’s a work around but it is hacky and it would be better if I could subscribe to an event that tells me when the notification component can be used.